Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he’s been given. But up to now he hasn’t been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day.
— Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, 1897

Goodwill Wall

This page is dedicated to a few of those valuable organisations that are acting on hope, and continue to do valuable work in the world of conservation. If you have enjoyed my photography, and should you have time, please view those that are unfamiliar by simply clicking on their symbols. All interest and support, no matter how small will make a difference in preserving those limited number of animals/habitats we have left to protect. If you know of any other valuable efforts (of whatever scale/nationality) that would value some free publicity, do please get in touch via email. 

All associated charities retain full copyright ownership of both their branding and hyperlinked domain content.