Project : To Absent Friends

A collection of animal poetry, some species specific, some more generalised. The aim of this project is to add an emotional and educational perspective to the current mass-extinction event that humans are causing. As self-appointed keepers of The Earth, we have a lot to learn still, and we must do so before it is too late for our fellow terrestrial travellers. I have incorporated excerpts of accurate scientific data, up-to-date survey results and statistics to contextualise the problem.
The exploration of 'Man' as the effective catalyst for disastrous change is one that runs constant throughout the pieces. The photography however, is more a statement of our ability to directly engage with these animals, to demonstrate our compassion by contextualising our feelings of regret, perhaps at a near-lost beauty, or some sense of a derelict duty. By demonstrating the dichotomy between the two states: of harm and heart, I hope the message will be more powerfully asserted the beasts will, in turn, benefit.
As this is an ongoing project, I shall continue to add to this page as and when I find the time to continue writing/editing for it.
The rights to all images and poems are reserved, and any and all circulation of such materials must be done at the express written consent of the owner ( ).  Drop me an e-mail, I would be happy to help!  This is just a sample of the complete collection, as I am currently working on a charity photo book. Follow me on Facebook for any updates, or just get in touch to learn more.
Thank you for your understanding,



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