MAsters Project

'Polluted Mind'

720-950nm Infrared photography and draftsman's ink combined digitally. 

This picture is a composite of 36 infrared spectrum wildlife pictures and draftsman's ink on blotting paper, also photographed in infrared. The composition is arranged to be reminiscent of a psychometric inkblot, or Rorschach test. The ink is filled with morbid, skeletal elements from the bone records found in the Natural History Museum, symbolising the mortality of birds affected by wetlands water pollution. The living birds are arranged outside the contaminant and are fleeing the dark death it contains. All the birds are domestic to the UK and photographed at RSBP and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust reserves. 

I chose to work in the invisible spectrum as a matter of curiosity first and foremost, but it also proved very rewarding since for many people water pollution is an invisible issue. Taking invisible pictures of birds which may not be here in twenty years seemed a fresh way to approach the subject. The inkblot test composition serves as a visual device to show how different people see different things when it comes to matters of conservation and habitat protection.