Hi there, and welcome to my wildlife and travel portfolio. My name is Hugo and I like photography. My first system camera was an 1972 OM-1 series 35mm, which was a gift from my father 20 years ago. Since then, I have owned all kinds of devices from Brownies and compacts, to DSLRs and mirrorless systems. I use amixture of modern and vintage glass, and champion what you can achieve on a budget.  Although I'm learning every day, and loving doing so, I still think of myself as a hobbyist; which allows me to pick my battles.

As you may be able to tell, I also like to travel and constantly have my sights on the next photo project. I'm an Army brat, and have moved around a fair bit; so I guess it's in my nature.  I take great care in framing my subjects to try to record something of the animal's character - not just describe the anatomy, and I don't shy away from black and white conversions where the tonal ranges permit. I also maintain a strict ethical code with no live-baiting, trapping or habitat destruction to record my images.

Conservation and animal protection are very important areas to me. It is hard for me not to be devastated by the statistics concerning endangerment and extinction across the board. That said,  I just finished a Masters degree in photography to try and hone my craft a bit and I would be delighted to discuss: kit, caboodle, technique, destinations and all sorts of creatures - so do get in touch, should you feel the inclination. Alternatively, you can follow me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


I very much hope you enjoy my images, from wherever in the world you are viewing them.

Hugo Donnithorne-Tait - London, U.K.


I proudly support a new project that is "using the power of photography to directly help the world." A hybrid photography prize and charity fundraiser, this innovative new model is changing the world for the better; a bit at a time. For more information please visit www.britishphotographyawards.org




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